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About Us

Building Warrant of Fitness is the core business of Fire & Building Compliance.

  • Fire & Building Compliance (FBC) offers a comprehensive service to property and business owners providing Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) facilitation to ensure Compliance Schedule specified systems in buildings remain fully functional and compliant.
  • FBC has Independent Qualified Person (IQP) status with Territorial Authorities (Councils), promoting and maintaining good relationships within local government areas of operation;
  • FBC is qualified to perform specified IQP inspections.  Should your building contain systems outside our scope FBC facilitates known qualified and reliable contractors to fulfil those compliance requirements.  
  • FBC liaises closely with Council departments to ensure all aspects of BWOF are current and relevant to your commercial property and business.  We facilitate the timely compilation of required annual BWOF documentation and forward to Councils on behalf of clients.

Fire Evacuation

FBC provides a full Fire Evacuation service including:

  • Fire Evacuation Action Plans.  FBC provides fully comprehensive plans submitted to New Zealand Fire Service for approval on behalf of clients;
  • Training for business owners and staff to facilitate action plans;
  • Providing planned Fire Trial Evacuations on six monthly basis if required and ongoing advice ensuring safe and efficient evacuation of staff and public in the event of fire or other emergencies.

The FBC Team

  • FBC’s work ethic, of integrity and superior service to our clients, is integral to our staff and services.
  • We are committed to staff development and expansion of qualifications, skill base and knowledge within the profession. We require all staff to maintain currency in legislation, latest updates and amendments related to relevant building codes and standards.
  • Superior client satisfaction is shown by our very high level of client retention rare in business today.
  • The FBC team have a culture of working together with our clients as a team to achieve the best result to fulfil clients’ needs.
  • FBC understands the importance of both proactivity and reactivity.  Proactivity to ensure provision of superior service and systems whilst recognising that clients have unexpected events LIKE A FIRE requiring immediate unplanned action.
  • FBC has fire protection solutions to suit your needs – for more detailed information refer to “Our Services”.

FBC is also a longstanding Member of
NZ Fire Protection Association.

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